The one thing that can make your marriage stronger

Couple figuring out what to do

You know the story; the princess is rescued by her prince. They fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

I don’t want to discredit a guy who slays a two headed dragon to save his princess, but do you think the story would end the same if they had more realistic issues to deal with?

Imagine if the prince and the princess never talked about money? What if they both just spent and spent until one day they realized they had over $20,000 in credit card debt from eating out, playing golf and buying shoes.

I think the story might end a little differently.  Perhaps it might read…and they fought and fought about money until the day they filed for divorce.

I believe that you can live happily ever after, but it begins before you tie the knot! The one subject that many happy couples don’t talk about is how they plan to spend their money.

Once you are married, it is no longer her money and his money, it is our money and that means you need a plan.

If you are paying for your own wedding, then I recommend you start the budgeting process with a wedding budget.

The most important rule is…Only people contributing to the budget, gets a say in the budget.

If your soon to be mother-in-law is not helping to pay for the wedding, then who cares what she thinks.  Don’t let her talk you into serving steak, if all you can afford is off brand mac & cheese. I know it’s not traditional, but it is realistic!

The two of you need to communicate about money right from the beginning.  There are a lot of important decisions that you’ll talk about before you get married, but how you’ll spend your money is the most important one.

When it comes to spending, I recommend you set spending limits, make the big decisions together and never go into debt to get married.

Money fights are the number one reason cited for divorce in America today! When you  budget together, you increase your communication and you will find that living happily ever after it not just for fairy tales.

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