Achieve more in 2015!

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Statistically, we know New Year’s resolutions rarely work, yet millions of people resolve to make next year better and that is usually where the progress stops.

I say scrap the resolutions and make something big happen in 2015.

There are 4 components that every goal must contain if you really want to see results. Hint…hope is not one of them, more on this later.

#1 commit to the change you want to see

We verbally commit to ourselves, maybe even to our spouse, but we don’t get it in writing. Committing to the change on paper is critical to keeping us focused.

I know this sounds like a no brainer, but we just don’t do it.  Get it on paper, and you will greatly increase your chance of success.

#2 be crystal clear on the exact outcome you are looking for

We say things like, I am going to lose weight or I am going to earn more money, but we fail to get specific. If we fail to be specific then we have essentially not created the proper goal or resolution.

We must ask our self how much weight or how or much money and by when.

If my resolution was to lose weight and I lost 2 pounds then by definition I achieved my resolution, but I did not get the results I wanted to see in my life.

#3 create a plan of attack to achieve the change you want

A few months back, I was talking with a friend about his plans for 2015. After about 15 minutes, I sadly realized his 2015 was going to yield him the same results as all of the past years.

He told me every year he makes the same goal to be debt free.  Pretty good goal right? I think so!

He had committed to it on paper, he had made it specific and he has a completion date, but where he has gone wrong in the past is he has failed to create a detailed plan of attack.

I asked him how he planned on achieving the desired results and he said “I hope…”

Hope is best reserved for Christmas morning, I hope I get… Hope is not a strategy for life. Unfortunately, it seems to be the go to strategy for many people.

I know you have these people in your life. They hope for a raise or a promotion. They hope they will have enough money to retire and my personal favorite, they hope they will meet Mr. or Miss Right.

Hope is not enough, you need a plan.

We have all planned a vacation in the past, one of the biggest parts of planning a vacation is how you will get to the destination you have chosen. So if making a plan makes sense when we are going on vacation, why doesn’t it make sense when we are planning our life?

#4 create a big enough why to motivate you through to the end

If your why is not big enough, you will lose motivation half way through the journey.  Imagine getting in a row boat, you have left the dock and it seems like you have been rowing for hours, maybe even days, and there is not any sight of land ahead of you.  Would it be easy to lose motivation? Yep, you bet!

This is where I focus on the why.  The why reminds us of the very reason that we made the goal in the first place. It keeps us energized and motivated throughout the entire journey.

I encourage you to set some specific goals this year, goals that will change your life.

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What are some of the goals you are thinking about for 2015? Leave a comment below, I will go first.

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One thought on “Achieve more in 2015!

  1. My Goal – In 2015, I will live a healthier life and I will achieve a weight loss of 86.7 LBS.

    The How – I will accomplish this by creating a daily routine that includes regular exercise and I will eat nutritious meals.

    The Why- I have decided to live a healthier life so that I can experience all of the joy that God has planned for my life. This will include, spending quality time with my wife and children. Living long enough to enjoy my great-grandchildren.