How God used an ordinary Wednesday night, a guy named Ernie, and a chicken dinner to reveal to me just how stubborn I am!

Ice Cream truck

Okay I admit. I can be stubborn at times and when you combine my stubbornness with my strong desire to be an entrepreneur, I can be like a runaway train. About two months before I met Ernie, I was standing in my kitchen when my daughters heard the ice-cream truck coming down our road. As […]

How much money will you spend on VD this year?

VD Photo 2-15 3

Ok, so I just couldn’t resist that headline. VD is short for Valentine’s Day, for all of you who thought something different, I am sorry. There is nothing romantic about going into debt just to say, “I love you!” Over the years, there has been countless things I have spent too much money on just […]

Could you handle a $600 emergency today?

1-28-15- two

The average American cannot write a check today to cover a $600 emergency without having a devastating effect on their finances. This was the exact situation my wife and I were in years ago. How does the average person living paycheck to paycheck manage to save three to six months of expenses for an emergency?  […]