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I am excited that you have clicked on my contact page. I absolutely love hearing from people like you, who are inspired by my content. I want to create stuff that is going to help you create a clear vision for your life; uncover hidden challenges that are holding you back and inspire you to take action on the things that matter most.

I am on Facebook and Twitter or you can e-mail me at

If snail mail is your thing then you can send it to Ask Tom Swan P.O. Box 43, Union Lake, MI 48387

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please check out my Speaking page.

If you are interested in reposting or reprinting one of my blog posts, please check out my Copyright page.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for my blog, please check out my Guest Post Instruction page.

If you have a comment or a question not addressed above, please feel free to e-mail me or call my office at 888 698 0333.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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