Discover the one thing that is more powerful than motivation


Motivation is like the kid in school that encouraged you to fight the school bully and he said, “Don’t worry I got your back.” But when you needed back up, he was long gone!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed and at other times, we wake up 2 hours early and can’t wait to get the day started.

In the past, when I lacked motivation, I wanted to just stay in my pajamas and blow off the whole day!  I would have spent the day getting caught up in social media or watching three seasons of my favorite TV show On Demand.

When I realized motivation was not the key to my success nor the reason for my failures, I was able to achieve more and make the most out of every day.

Stop relying on motivation, it really isn’t helping you anyway.

Don’t get me wrong I think it is important but it is not the solution to accomplishing more.  More times than not, we simply use the lack of motivation as an excuse for not achieving our desired results.

I can usually find the motivation to start a project, but I seem to struggle with maintaining the motivation to continue the project through to completion.  Does this ever happen to you?

The problem is that motivation is an artificial stimulator that loses its strength quickly and is hard to maintain over a long period of time.

Understanding your “why” is more powerful than motivation

When we experience a lack of motivation, it’s generally because we bumped up against something in our life that we need to change. It could be a bad habit, our work ethic, our commitment or just our attitude.

If we are not focused on our “why”, it is easy to just quit and blame our lack of motivation.

When I decided I was going to lose 138 lbs. in 14 months, I was super motivated, but after about 30 minutes on the treadmill my motivation was gone.

I could have just given up, but I didn’t.  Eight months into my weight loss journey, I am still going strong, and it is because I have continued to focus on my “why”.

Everyone’s “why” is different.   For me, I want to be around to watch my kids grow up, plus I want to grow old with my wife and sit on the porch watching the sun go down.  I want to have a meaningful relationship with my grandkids. What is your “why”?

Once you understand you’re “why”, you won’t need to rely on motivation to get or keep you going!

I hope this article has encouraged you to think about your life.  I hope it inspires you to discover your “why”, make the changes in your life that will allow you to live intentionally and focus on what matters most.

Enjoy your journey.

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