One word that can change your life!

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No one knows exactly how many words are in the English language, but it is estimated that there is over one million.

With that many words in the English language, one could argue that there are several words that could change your life.  I could certainly agree with that but, few words have the power to change our lives like this word does.

This magical word can build stronger marriages, happier families, help you reach your goals, reduce stress and free up a time in your busy schedule.

For many of us, it was the first word we learned to say.  We would say it over and over.  I suspect as a small child we all heard this word a lot too.

Through our teens and early twenties, our curiosity caused us to stop using it and as adults, we fear using this word will cause us to miss out on something.

That is simply a myth.  When we understand how to use the word, it allows you to focus on what matters most in our life. As a recovering people pleaser, I used to struggle with the use of this word.  I then realized how it could change my life.

So, what is this word?  That is a great question.

This magical word is the word “No.”

The concept is simple and perhaps you have heard it before. If you say “no” more often, you get to say “yes” to the things that really matter.  Let me give you a few examples, where the use of the word no can change your life.

  • If you say “no” to spending $300 a month eating out, you can say “yes” to funding your child’s college fund or maybe even say yes to funding your 401K.
  • If you say “no” to working extra hours on your day off, you get to say “yes” to building an awesome relationship with your son as you construct a 3 story Lego tower.
  • Saying “no” to fear means, you get to say “yes” to following your dreams and achieving your goals.
  • Saying “no” to buying things on credit that you can’t afford means, you get to say “yes” to living a debt free life and you will save a ton of money.
  • Men if you say “no” to drinks with a female co-worker, you get to say “yes” to building a stronger marriage.
  • Ladies if you say “no” to the brown shoes, you get to say “yes” to the black ones.

Ok, so maybe that last one wouldn’t really change your life, but who knows maybe the black shoes would land you that new job or get you a promotion.

Regardless of your unique situation, I encourage you to start using that word “no” more often and watch the change happen in your life.

Participation Question:

What are three things in your life that could drastically change if you said “no” more often?

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