If a chef, a builder and a New York City cab driver have one why don’t you?

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This may come as a complete surprise to you, but if you are over the age of 18, you are completely responsible for what happens in your life.  In fact you are the only one who can decide to change the direction of your journey.

A chef uses a recipe to create a delicious meal.  If he/she does not follow that recipe exactly as it is written then the results will be different than expected.

A builder uses a blueprint to build a house.  He could just buy a bunch of wood and bricks and hope for the best, but he doesn’t.  The blueprint insures that everything fits together and the finished project is exactly what the new homeowner hired him to do.

A New York City cab driver uses a map or a GPS to navigate his route as he drives people to their destination.  He doesn’t just head in the general direction and hope that he gets his customer where they need to be on time.

In this crazy thing we call life, you can create a blueprint for your success, or you have to be willing to settle for whatever you get out of life.

As a side note, if you choose to settle, you don’t get to complain about how life has handed you lemons.

Oh, and by the way, for those positive don’t worry, be happy people that say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, I got news for you.  If you don’t have a recipe and some sugar to go with those lemons, your lemonade is going to suck.

The story of my life

For years I was that guy that just drifted through life making lemonade.  Sure I set some goals and I always made New Year’s resolutions because we all know how effective those are, don’t we?

As I look back, there were a number of people and situations in my past that I could have blamed.  I could blame my mom, my ex-wife, my old boss or my kids.  I could even blame the stock market.  But, blaming them wouldn’t have done me any good.  I had to accept that I am the author of my life story.

Up until that point, my life story was a mystery, even I had no idea what would happen next.  I suppose mysteries can be exciting, but I was expecting more of a love story packed full of awesomeness.

The rough draft

As you create your blueprint, dream big. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to put forth the intentional effort.  Your life can be amazing, but be on the lookout for fear.

My first draft was pretty rough. There were things I overlooked and a lot of things that I let fear tell me I couldn’t do.

Fear disguised itself as my friends and family.  Fear said things like you just can’t… you could never… you are to… and you don’t have enough…

Certainly they are obstacles that you will encounter along your journey.  With a solid plan and some intentional effort, you can overcome just about any of these.

Don’t be afraid to make revisions to your plan.  Chefs change recipes, builders add upgrades and cab drivers run into detours.  It’s ok to make revisions.  The important thing is that you start.  Get something down on paper.   Even an incomplete plan is better than no plan at all.

You’ll be amazed at the achievements that are within your reach when you begin living your life according to your plan.

The choice is yours. You could download a great lemonade recipe and walk around with sugar packets in your pocket or you could create a blueprint for your life and live the amazing life you were meant to live.  What will you choose?

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